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Getting a Computer Job

 Listen Getting a computer job is one of the easiest type of prestigious job for foreigners to obtain.  The reason I say this is because communication skills do not apply as much as other jobs.  For example, if you can program using C#, then your skills on how well you can program will be the determining factor on whether you get the job or not.  But if you try to get a marketing job for a respectable company, then you will need to have excellent communication skills.

 Listen While I was working at Microsoft, I met many people who couldn't say one proper sentence.  They could barely communicate.  However, when you ask them to program something, they can do it easily.  Also, many large computer companies have many foreigners as employees.  They provide work visas and even sponsor most of them for a green card.

 Listen There is only one way I know to get a computer job at a place like Microsoft without being able to speak English.  You need to be a damn good programmer.  But to be a great programmer requires you to be smart, and requires a lot of time programming on a daily basis.

 Listen Another way to get a computer job is to become certified in a specific computer technology.  If you are interested, go to the computer certificate section to learn more about it.

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